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Volunteer Information

With the increase in population at Ocean Air, our need for volunteers is greater than ever!  We have many opportunities for volunteering at our school:
Classroom Volunteers - At Back to School Night each classroom will discuss the needs they have for volunteers.  Please look for sign up sheets in your child's classroom.
In order to volunteer in classrooms at our school, you need to have a signed volunteer form filled out and on file with our office.  A current TB test result of negative is also required. 
For locations to get a TB test done, click Immunization locations.
Lunch Duty Volunteers - We have two lunch times and the need for volunteers to watch our students on the playground, at the lunch tables, and on the field is great!  Please call the school office for more information: 858-481-4040.  You can help one day a week, or every day - whatever works for your schedule!
Everyone A Reader Volunteer - This is a reading program offered by San Diego County, to grades 1-3 throughout the school year, which helps students advance in their reading skills.  Volunteers will come in for 15 minutes per student per week during school hours, and help read with them as they advance through various levels of reading material.  You can help students in one class (which usually is 1-4 students), in any class and grade level.  Please contact the school office at 858-481-4040 if you are interested in this invaluable opportunity to help our students feel confident and excel in reading!

Morning Valet Volunteers - Our morning valet volunteers help those kids who are dropped-off by car in the mornings to get out of cars safely and quickly. Valets greet the kids with a smile, unload backpacks, tie the occasional shoe and help drivers be on their way. Give us 20 minutes in the AM from 7:40 to 8:00 on whatever days are good for you, and you too can be a valet! Even if you can only help out for 5 minutes at the rush just before the bell, we need you! Do it once a month, once a week or every day!

Work around your schedule! Wear cool, bright safety vests! And..Have lots of fun while keeping our kids safe! THANK YOU!!