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Health Forms

Our school is required to have a physician's statement on file if your child needs ANY medication during the school day.  Please take this form to your physician and return it to the school health office with your child's medication.  Thank you!  Physician's Statement
If your child has an allergy that requires medication to be administered during school hours, please fill out the Allergy Checklist Form and the Allergy Action Plan, and return it to the health office.
If your child has had an injury (broken arm/leg/ankle) and needs to return to school with special needs (needs to use elevator, limited activities, etc.), please fill out the Injury Return to School Form, have your physician fill it out and sign it, and then return it to the health office when your child returns to school.
If your child needs to self-administer an epipen or inhaler during school hours, please fill out the Epipen Self-Administer forms or the Inhaler Self-Administer Forms, and turn them in to the health office with the medication.
When your child is in 6th grade and getting ready for 7th grade, please read the Vaccines for the Pre-teen form.